What Are Customers Are Saying About SpaSource


Meet Gemma…

“Nina made us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey ahead”

The time we spent with Nina was incredible and we learnt so much; she made us feel instantly secure with our ideas and plans and explained everything to us in so much detail & with so much passion that it helped us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey we had in front of us. Read Gemma’s story here

Meet Sam…

“The last 18 months have been a big transformation, not just in my business, but in my mindset as well”

Sam and his uFit team are the leading authority of rapid fat-loss and body transformation systems. Sam is building a million pound niche fitness brand. Read Sam’s incredible journey from professional football to fitness entrepreneur.

Meet Camilla…

“Nina gave me the confidence and belief in myself to solve problems in the way I thought best and manage the team in my own style”

Camilla is a leading authority in the professional spa and beauty sector. With more than 10 years of experience in product sales and business development, she is a hands-on manager who can be relied upon to get things done. She’s a high achiever and is focused on achievement of targets and goals. Camilla lives in London and loves travel and adventure, horse riding and fitness, fitness, fitness! Meet Camilla

Meet Maiken…

“Nina’s work is inspiring and, without her, I  wouldn’t have got to where I am now”

After graduating university as a graphic designer, Maiken has developed her digital marketing skills including web design, CRM, streaming media, original artwork/content creation, social media management, corporate branding and email marketing. Nina has mentored Maiken through her career which has seen her work for some pretty impressive brands including Sweaty Betty, L’Oreal and now she is the Digital Marketing & CRM Manager for luxe Canadian fitness brand Lululemon Athletica. Meet Maiken


Meet Pam…

“Working with Nina has really helped me focus on what I’m trying to achieve”

Pam set up Aesthetic Business Transformations during her time on the coaching programme back in 2013/2014. Pam is now in such demand as a business coach, trainer and speaker to the medical aesthetic market, she is able to retain her premium pricing strategy and has recently been joined in the business by husband Adam.

Meet Bashir…

“Most of our business is now semi-automated which frees up my time to spend on things that are worthwhile and of high value to my business.”

Now we have implemented and will continue to implement what Nina teaches us and, for the first time in a long time, I know our business will run smoothly and I’ll get no more out-of-hours panic calls because something unexpected has happened that no one knows how to deal with. We’re optimising our relationships from start to finish, our customers are more satisfied, we make more money and are more profitable and most of all, no more pain!

Meet Lyn…

“Nina is a genius..! This is for every person who is battling with a small business, but doesn’t have the funds to market their business…..or simply promote themselves.”

I have been writing my own cheques as a professional musician, and musical entrepreneur, working successfully in Australia and beyond for the past 30 years.  I have traveled the world in my chosen career.  I have performed from Antarctica to Alaska and hundreds of countries in between, also performing in most venues in Melbourne, the city I live in.

However, If I had this information…these awesome, simple tips when I was starting out, it would have saved me many wasted days and nights.  In fact, wasted years!  I have been dealing with the WRONG clientele and management, and that has kept me from being where I believed I should be!

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