The Luxury Edit: Award-Winning Line-Up in the World’s Best Luxury Lifestyle Brands

Meet Ashleigh…

Director UK, Greece & Balkans – Too Faced Cosmetics

“Nina is the best in the business and has made a significant difference in our business”

There are a lot of people out there talking about how to achieve success in your business, how to make your product or service stand out against your competitors’ products and services. A lot of people talking about attracting high value clients, strategically positioning your brand to achieve a premium price against what everyone else in the market is selling for, how to create better relationships with your customers so that they spend more money with you, more often, and recommend you to people just like them, meaning you get even more high value clients who are price immune. And that’s the thing. There are a lot of people out there in the marketplace talking about this and wanting to charge you a princely sum for the privilege of hearing them talk about it more. Nina just comes in and DOES IT. She takes massive action and gets massive results. No BS!

Meet Maiken…

Digital Marketing & CRM Manager – Lululemon Athletica

“She is a privilege to work with and her experience is well and truly incredible. Her work is inspiring and, without her, I  wouldn’t have got to where I am now”

After graduating university as a graphic designer, Maiken has developed her digital marketing skills including web design, CRM, streaming media, original artwork/content creation, social media management, corporate branding and email marketing. Nina has mentored Maiken through her career which has seen her work for some pretty impressive brands including Sweaty Betty, L’Oreal and now she is the Digital Marketing & CRM Manager for luxe Canadian fitness brand Lululemon Athletica. Meet Maiken

Meet Gemma…

Founder & Director – My Lake Como Wedding

“Nina made us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey ahead”

The time we spent with Nina was incredible and we learnt so much; she made us feel instantly secure with our ideas and plans and explained everything to us in so much detail & with so much passion that it helped us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey we had in front of us. Read Gemma’s story here

Meet Camilla…

Regional Development Manager – L’Oréal

“Nina gave me the confidence and belief in myself to solve problems in the way I thought best and manage the team in my own style”

Camilla is a leading authority in the professional spa and beauty sector. With more than 10 years of experience in product sales and business development, she is a hands-on manager who can be relied upon to get things done. She’s a high achiever and is focused on achievement of targets and goals. Camilla lives in London and loves travel and adventure, horse riding and fitness, fitness, fitness! Meet Camilla

Meet Nina…

Fashion Buyer & Merchandiser – Global Fashion Brand

“Under her leadership, our web sales went up by 5000%”

Under her leadership and working to the marketing strategy she’d created, our fashion buying team worked along side marketing and digital in close collaboration and we produced stunning results. Web sales went up by more than 5000% – we made 9 x more sales revenue in the first 48 hours than we had done in the previous quarter. Outperforming all 7 stores, e-commerce became our primary selling platform for our high-end luxury lingerie and accessories.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Nina is a visionary in marketing and demonstrated inclusive leadership which enabled everyone to perform at their best and to their strengths. She tied marketing strategy to everything we did and planned to do and used it as a problem solving platform to improve performance not just in sales conversions, but across the whole organisation.[/text_block]

Meet Elizabeth…

Beauty Area Expert (Pacific North West) Walgreens Boots Alliance USA

“Nina is the consummate professional and it was a pleasure working with her”

Since Boots and Alliance UniChem was acquired by global pharmacy powerhouse Walgreens back in 2015, they are now rolling out the beauty adviser programme in 1900 stores across the US and Elizabeth is responsible for the coaching, training and development for the PNW – all 60 stores!

With Elizabeth now back working with the her previous CEO from Boots, who is now CEO of Walgreens she says, “yes I have stumbled into a fabulous job!” Don’t let her modesty fool you, Elizabeth is a top-notch sales trainer and, coming from a strong background in salon and spa owner/operatorship, education & training and regional examiner for CIDESCO, her knowledge of beauty is second to none.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Elizabeth was lecturing in London when we met,and this is her testimonial: I was immediately impressed with her high standards. Nina’s attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. She will leave no stone unturned to do what is needed to ensure the success of whatever she is working on. And the quality of work produced is excellent.

Her support to her students at the college enabled them to achieve the high standards she expected of them and her classes were well run and organised. You could tell who Nina had taught by how they worked!  Since then Nina has gone from strength to strength. She has traveled extensively for work and grown with each position she has held. I would say that in ethics of work Nina is “old school”. She gives her all to a position and will not worry about long hours if that is what she needs to do to get the job done.[/text_block]

Meet Gill…

Director Commercial Development – Sterex International

“Nina has a high degree of integrity & is passionate about luxury brands”

Gill delivered a custom-made programme for my UK launch team at Glossybox.

Although I’ve known Nina through the beauty industry for many years, in this instance I worked with her to create and deliver a Corporate Sales Training programme for her team, who operated within a luxury digital environment. As an individual, Nina has a high degree of integrity and is passionate about luxury beauty brands and the people who present its values. Over the past 30 years she has worked with many of the key figures in the beauty industry and her peer group reads like the industry bible. It was a delight to work with someone as dedicated as Nina and I look forward to our next project together

Meet Pam…

Founder & Director  – Aesthetic Business Transformations

“Nina’s knowledge is beyond the level of expert she literally is the voice of the market as far as branding, brand development, marketing strategy and online marketing; I wouldn’t seek advice from any other quarter.”

As both a client and an associate of Nina’s at Source Marketing, I can wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation. Nina’s vast insider knowledge of the beauty industry is so comprehensive it goes well above and beyond the level of expert, she literally is the voice of the market as far as branding, brand development, marketing strategy and online marketing and I wouldn’t seek advice from any other quarter.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Through her invaluable support and expert guidance, I have managed to create and develop my own brand for the very first time, that I’m able to serve the needs of my niche market better than my competitors and this has won me a volume of new business immediately.

Going forwards I am working with Nina more strategically to source joint venture collaborators and angel investors because the sky is the limit as far as my medical aesthetic business solution is concerned. She’s really a very solid and grounded part of our team now but also has immense creative energy and often approaches problem solving from a very unique perspective.[/text_block]

Meet Micheal…

Dr Michael Robson Salmán – Vice-President of Global Five-Star Luxury Hotel & Spa Group

“Nina shared the wealth of her considerable knowledge; leading to a focused strategy and measurable improvements in business management with my senior management teams at Starwood, Sheraton and the Four Seasons group.”

I recognised a spark of excellence and credibility in Nina, even in those early days of her career in the beauty industry, but she has gone on to surpass my expectations in what she has achieved both professionally and academically and shows no signs of slowing down. In recent years Nina has shared the wealth of her considerable knowledge of the industry, of enhanced customer service and of business development through business management and marketing strategy with my senior management teams at Starwood, Sheraton and the Four Seasons group.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Her consulting approach was well received and impactful and she engaged everyone at all levels in collaboration on the project. One of Nina’s many skills is her ability to communicate with and motivate individuals across all levels of the organisation, feeling as confident in presenting to the board of directors as in addressing a small group of therapists.

Nina has developed in to a confident, approachable, and highly competent individual. She demonstrates great strength of character through her resilience, adaptability, reliability, trustworthiness, and competence. I have no doubt she will continue to excel, making a positive impact on those she comes in to contact with through work and in life and further, I have no hesitation in recommending Nina.[/text_block]

Meet Victoria…

Spa & Wellness Industry Leader

“Nina has been an inspiration in just one meeting…shown me how to get more of the results I want, much quicker”

I’m a wellness business entrepreneur and my background is in the Beauty industry. I first worked with Nina Franks more than 20 years ago and her communication skills and her ability to work with everybody to maximise their potential was evident even then.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I currently run my own Business from home, training and recruiting, helping others to be successful and build their business from home.  Nina, has been an inspiration in just one meeting, giving me new ideas and showing me new ways on how to market my business to the right individuals so that I can maximise my time at work, getting more of the results I want, much quicker[/text_block]

Barry Warrington - Bangkok, Thailand

I recommend SpaSource success systems to my clients to maximise their marketing dollars

Barry Warrington – Bangkok, Thailand, Director of Operations – iS Wellness

Venetia Archer - London & New York

SpaSource success systems are incredibly insightful and a true help for those looking to grow their business

Venetia Archer – London & New York, Founder & CEO Ruuby

Amanda Oon

She was absolutely 100% was the right choice mentor in my opinion.

Amanda Oon, Luxury Oriental Fine Art Entrepreneur

Carole Winterbourne - Dorset, United Kingdom

Carole developed wellness and luxury lifestyle businesses when she was on the Elite Coaching programme

Carole Winterbourne – Dorset, United Kingdom, Director WomenUK Magazine

Jonny Thompson - London, United Kingdom

Developed leadership skills and now coaches people to build global distribution channels.

Jonny Thompson – London, United Kingdom, Founder & Director – Vitality Solutions

Katarina Carlsson - Professional Training & Corporate Coaching Consultant

Developed her successful CEO coaching programme during her private coaching from Nina

Katarina Carlsson – Professional Training & Corporate Coaching Consultant, Destiny International

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