Pam – Building A Business Transformation Business


“Working with Nina has really helped me to focus on what I’m trying to achieve…”

Meet Pam, founder & director of Aesthetic Business Transformations Pam first came to me as a client referral back in 2013. Whilst Pam had experience of owning and managing a successful small business in the aesthetic industry, her business was running her and taking over her life.


Being in-demand means my market value is at a premium 

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”21″ font_font=”Titillium%20Web” font_color=”%23ffffff”]Having invested heavily as a franchisee operating an aesthetic services business, Pam’s business looked sound on paper but profits were rapidly eroding to the point where she wondered if it was all worth it. And her business was running her…she was working more and more hours for less and less.[/text_block]

Working together with Pam, we created a plan of action with easy to follow steps that would create sort-after business solutions, generate immediate cash flow and build strong demand for the future. With Pam now in such demand as a consultant, trainer and speaker, she is able to retain her premium pricing strategy and has recently been joined in business by husband Adam, a successful international business executive himself.

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