Meet Maiken

Digital Marketing & Design, Fitness Freak, Foodie & Hawaiian Island Girl

“Nina’s work is inspiring and, without her, I wouldn’t have got to where I am now.”

Maiken’s journey begins as a graphic design graduate, caught up in the experience/job application trap that we are all familiar with…


I knew I could trust her to help me realise my true potential

I have known Nina since the year I graduated and started working with digital beauty startup Ruuby, which she was the lead consultant on. Ever since then I have always seen Nina not only as a work colleague, but as a mentor. Like any other graduate, I was unsure about my skills, abilities and career path. I felt as though I wasn’t ready for the transition between student and professional life.

However, in only a couple of months, I managed to learn an extensive amount of knowledge from someone who has been in Marketing for years with hands-on experience. Learning from text-books and learning from experience is very different – I was lucky to have met someone that I could look to for advice.

She is a privilege to work with and her experience is well and truly incredible.

Because the quality of her mentoring and experience is so great, I have been able to secure marketing management roles within the world’s best luxury lifestyle brands such as Sweaty Betty, L’Oréal and Multiple Award-Winning Lifestyle Boutique Strip.

I’m now running my own department as Digital Marketing Manager at luxury Canadian lifestyle brand Lululemon Athletica. I have never been so thankful and so lucky to have met someone like Nina. Her work is inspiring and without Nina I wouldn’t have got to where I am now.


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