Meet Gemma

Award-Winning Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

“For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for fashion and beauty, an undeniable love of weddings and an obsession for organising.”


My Lake Como Wedding is an award winning wedding planning business that specialises in creating exclusive and elegant wedding events for English speaking couples from all over the world that have their hearts set on marrying on Italy’s beautiful Lake Como.

Nina made us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey ahead

The biggest challenge for us as a new business was making sure we had a product that was exclusive, exciting and more importantly unique; we knew we would need help with promoting ourselves and making sure we were being seen by the correct people and in exactly the right places for us to maximise success.

We were offering a specific product and one that needed to reach a specific niche market which were not only based in the UK but from over the other side of the world, specifically the US.  We knew that our biggest advertising tools would be the Internet and media sites but we needed help to do this quickly and more importantly successfully. That’s when we luckily found Nina.


My Lake Como Wedding is exactly where we want it to be…

The time we spent with Nina was incredible and we learnt so much; she made us feel instantly secure with our ideas and plans and explained everything to us in so much detail & with so much passion that it helped us feel completely at ease yet incredibly excited about the journey we had in front of us.

Since working with Nina, we have matured from a startup to a very successful wedding planning business and have recently been honoured with several prestigious wedding industry awards in recognition of our excellence in service.  We have a very steady flow of incoming wedding enquiries from both the UK and US which is exactly where we want to be and we are now taking wedding bookings up to two years in advance and for this reason we WILL be working with Nina again in the future to make sure we are staying up to date and working as effectively and successfully as we possibly can.

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