Meet Camilla

Leading Authority in Spa & Salon Sales, Intrepid World Traveler, Horse Rider and TFF (Total Fitness Fanatic)

“Nina IS marketing: whatever the problem, she has a solution and can cite at least 5 other examples from experience.”


“Nina gave me the confidence and belief in myself to solve problems in the way I thought best and manage the team in my own style”

The breadth and depth of her experience in the beauty industry is immense and this gave me great confidence in working as a key member of the Senior Management Team. She encouraged openness in identifying problems, pinch points and other issues and we worked collaboratively as a management team to strategise to first solve the problem and second to make improvements based on feedback. I felt very supported and encouraged to do things my way, and I never felt micro-managed or compromised. We were fortuitous to have the dream team during this period when everything and everyone worked together under one leadership, one shared vision and yet still had the space to be unique and true to themselves.  That balance is rare in business and in life and if the opportunity ever arose for me to work with this inspirational leader again, I would snap it up! 

Camilla Fisher Bio

  • Amateur Athlete Background
  • South African
  • Award-Winning Product & Spa Sales Expert
  • Experienced Operations Manager for Luxury Appointment-Based Service Businesses
  • Widely Respected as a Business Development Manager With Hands-On Approach to Getting Things Done



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